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BKV by pingTomi located at Gomba, HUNGARY

Template is sucks, i’m working on it but I’m newbie in HTML :)

BKV – Belső Kazán Vezérlés (Internal Heating Controller)

Hi. This is my Cubieboard controlled HVAC system at my home (actually HVAC without V because I don’t have any ventillators, and without AC because I have AC neither).
The cubieboard do the following mainly tasks:

- running: Arch Linux (ARM), MySQL to store data, and executing my Python programs - connecting to DS18B20 (one-wire) and LM75 (I2C) sensors - connecting to a TURCK isolated relay (it switchs on/off the heater)

At this moment, it works well (version 0.7) and controls my heater. Look the graphs!


Boiler (HMV) controlling


Heater measuring


Heater controlling



About graphs: I use highcharts, and read data directly from MySQL, it means sometimes graph rendering could be little bit slowly, so be patient.

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